Monday, August 15, 2011

long day ahead

hello friends
i have been feeling under the weather lately
that crazy storm last night did not help either
it was so strong it ripped a piece of lining from the edging of our roof!

luckily my plants were not harmed too much
as nico would say
"summer rains, you can never predict them"
thunderstorms now fit in that category

since gordon ramsey and i are not pals 
i cant ask him to send me the tapes of the last episodes of masterchef and hell's kitchen
oh the suspense!
do you have any movies that you recommend?
right now all i feel like doing is reading and watching movies

to top it off my family is coming to visit tomorrow
which i am really excited about
but i wish i were feeling better
i look forward to being taken care of
hopefully! haha

also if you have a great rice dish that is somewhat healthy 
please send it my way

have a happy monday


  1. yeah that mean old storm took down half of our corn stocks. so angry.

  2. oops I believe I meant stalks not stocks... haha ;)

  3. oh we love the shows from Chef Ramsey! Especially M. Last night of Hell's kitchen was pretty good. I was too tired to watch the Master Chef, but M watched it all last night. He never misses it. I recommend "Rise of the Planet of the Apes." That movie was the bomb! I'd say "Harry Potter" and "the Planet of the Apes" were the best summer movie this year :)

  4. Oh and if u haven't watched the movie "An Education" I recommend watching this movie at home too :)


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