Friday, March 2, 2012

why ive been away (and will be for awhile)

 3rd trimester pregnancy + puppysitting= not a good mix!

his name is Pancake 
he is 3 months old
is fiercely cute
loves to play, bite and poop

here are some pictures of his first week here

i love this picture
he fell asleep like this for awhile

testing the boundaries

we are not sleeping through the night 

here is a sample schedule:
8:30 pm- put Pancake in his crate and go to bed
11:30 pm- take Pancake to go pee on the puppy pad in the upstairs bathroom
3:30 am- take Pancake to go pee on the puppy pad for round 2
6:30 am (if we are lucky he doesn't cry before then)- take Pancake to go pee and then its time to start the day; I help watch Pancake while Ry gets ready for work; breakfast for Pancake

7:00 am- Pancake and Ry head to work (Pancake stays in his crate for most of the time)
7:00 am- I finally go to sleep ( Right now I don't sleep very well at all because of the pregnancy)
11:00 am- I wake up around this time and start my day

12:00 pm- go to Ry's work to drop off lunch and pick up Pancake and maybe run errands
2pm- back at home; Pancake pees and poops
2:30-3:10pm- Playtime (my usual naptime- oooy- I wear my Ugg boots so that Pancake doesn't nip my feet while I am wahsing dishes- he thinks my feet are a game every time they move and all my skirts are a game to him too!) Snacktime for Pancake 

3:10pm- 3:35pm- Crate time with me (Pancake is placed in his crate and I tote him around the house while I do laundry/chores etc.- leaving him alone is not a good idea at his age- abandonment issues)
3:35pm- Pancake pees 
3:40pm- playtime again
5:00 pm- naptime 

...and here i am typing during my "break" from puppy. he is a cutie but my hat goes off to those owners of those practically perfect pets out there- you must have worked hard for it!

the rest of the night is a mix of playtime, dinnertime, relaxtime, crate time and then bed time- WHEW. 
puppies are adorable, but not for the pregnant.

any puppy advice would be greatly appreciated- I really don't want to do anything wrong. 

my dad said that this was great practice for newborns- let's just say the conversation ended pretty quick. 


  1. actually I will give your dad that that puppies are a lot like newborns in that they need things all the time. Being a big dog person and having had several puppies myself, people often think that dogs are born to just behave and be obedient. Not so.

  2. Wow! That is a whole lot of work! And honestly, a lot like a newborn because they don't go long without needing some kind of attention either, but I'm sure the level of joy and love to counter the hard work will be much greater with your newborn!

  3. lol! good gracious. who does this puppy belong to?? also, yes it is a lot like a newborn... except for the fact that newborns sleep LOADS during the day, allowing you to get back on your feet before night time...and they don't chew your toes :) lol.

  4. We have a puppy and I will be honest by the end of the first week I was ready to take him back. But, the biggest thing I have learned is reward the good behavior. Most puppies love praise and to please. Also for the nipping of the toes make sure you tell him no (you could even reinforce this is a bad behavior with a little squirt from a water spray bottle). Also in order to get more sleep through the night try covering his kenneling and telling him good night. You may also want to make sure he is worn out before bed time. Over time he won't need to get up as frequently. Just remember puppies love to follow schedules and repetition. You guys are doing great. Isn't it a good thing puppies and babies are so cute?

  5. okay you HAVE to bring Pancake over for sure! That is the cutest little thing!


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