Thursday, January 16, 2014

back from travels

my ultimate favorite tea time combination
twinings redbush with honey and milk

it's been a busy, busy past few months. we're back from our European travels and now im trying to get better from a cold. (and trying not to get baby sick!)

- sister now has her nursing license (YES!)
- brother is turning 22 soon- weird!
- i have now memorized the bubble guppie theme song
- ive only now come to the realization that ive always been a total Anglophile
- women in Milan win the "effortless chic" award- i only wish i could dress like that 24/7
- the sewing continues on! so many projects so little time
- tea time happens every weekday (a resolution that started when coco was born)- Anglophile
- missing our utah friends
- missing my hubby!
- missing carbs & gelato
- its summer already here in cali (91 degrees yesterday!)
- coyotes are on the prowl nearby and im not sure how to get rid of them : /

happy new year!

pics of travels to come soon...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

oh october and hello (mid) november

someone's a little obsessed with bubble guppies

October was fun! we have loved not having "weather" over here in cali (sometimes i do miss an actual fall though). poor baby coco caught a cold/cough/ear infection from a little 3 month old- i thought age trumps the whole getting sick thing- guess not- dum dum me. so the past week was thrown off and she is finally kind of getting back to her normal schedule. 

October was filled with:
- costume making- (for future years)
- candy- (Peanut M&M's)
- McConnels Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream- (new weakness)
- less trick-or treaters- (so weird and sad)
- attacking sewing projects (i think my list will never end)
- trying new things (embroidery)
- skyping (missing the hubs)
- bub, bub, bubble, bub, bubble guppies!
- Christmas shopping (my list is almost done- fist pump!)
- visiting California friends (so strange to see us "grownup")
- not supporting SeaWorld anymore (those documentaries just slay me)
- caramel apples with chocolate and walnuts

November so far:
- helping coco get better
- coloring (more like coco scribbling random places)
- ordering super dark cocoa powder to make oreos from my chef crush Thomas Keller
-  sewing, sewing, and more sewing
- Thanksgiving menu planning
- picky eating (oh what happened to my adventurous eater?)
- Christmas list wishing


Friday, September 6, 2013

do you remember the 21st night of september?

september!!! my favorite month of the year. the holidays are around the corner, school starts, the weather gets a bit cooler (not here in Cali though- Indian summer), summer clothes get marked down and fall clothes start cropping up everywhere (i can't seem to resist autumn clothes), we start to eat more soups and heartier foods, and its my birthday month too.

things have been busy here in California. colette and i are enjoying the warm weather and im enjoying finishing up sewing projects:

01. quilt top for my mom (done!)
02. drape tiebacks (done!)
03. 2 sets of pillows for the casual living room
04. my Christmas quilt
05. a no shoes sign for our next home
06. painting some old furniture
07. a pineapple quilt from kauai
08. curtains for the next house

it's been busy days filled with sewing, work, Supernanny & Bravo TV, trying new recipes, reading travel books, and playtime. ive been loving it and so has the family.

my sister will be taking her NCLEX later this month and we are all praying for her- she will be such a good nurse! little brother is back to college and he is doing great- so proud.

colette has started walking which is so cute and fun to watch. we are still on the hunt for a great pediatrician here in Cali, but I think they are all in Utah...

hope you are loving the end of summer!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

the first day of august

uncle nico & baby colette are great friends

i LOVE the month of august. one month before my birthday. wedding anniversary month. the warm, warm weather. the feeling of being on vacation even when you are just at home. school supply sales (i get so excited to buy glue and tape- so weird). ice cream and popsicles. nordstrom anniversary sale. did i mention sunny weather?

is it just me or has summer flown by? we are scrambling to enjoy all that summer has to offer and i decided a bucket list needed to be made!

bucket list for the rest of summer:
01. finish the design plans for the main living room
02. create a home design binder for mom 
03. make homemade ice cream
04. eat baskin-robbins ice cream (Jamoca Heath is my fave)
05. declutter my old room
06. preserve my grandmothers wedding dress
07. scan and protect all of my mom's old photos
08. frame and hang photos
09. take lots of walks in the warm weather
10. go swimming
11. find better gluten-free recipes (nico's going gluten-free)
12. change nail polish once a week
13. wear lots of bright colors when going out
14. start making Christmas plans/calendars 
15. copy and save important family recipes

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

mommy please pick me up!

lately colette has loved running around in her walker (not the push cart kind- heard those can be pretty dangerous!) but lately every time she sees either me or ama (grandma) she wants to be picked up pronto.

"but mooommm!!!"


"up! up! up!"

she's too cute 
i have a hard time saying no

Saturday, July 13, 2013

bouchon bistro & bakery

after reading and obsessing over the bouchon bakery book i really wanted to go and try the bouchon bistro. they have locations in yountville, las vegas, and beverly hills. the closest one to us is beverly hills and we made the longish drive to get there during the weekday (in hopes to avoid crowds). 

mom paying at the bakery
not cheap but delicious

the chocolate macaroons and chocolate almond croissants were my fave

really pretty dining interior 

mom & nico 

gold hardware! 

croque madame
soooo good 

great service and pretty ambiance 

it was a really fun experience but i was shocked that they charged $7.50 for water per bottle! 
welcome to beverly hills 

Sunday, July 7, 2013

how i will miss you orem

our old Victorian home 
she's missing an eyelash (shutter) but she's still pretty 

+ the community feel
+ oh the fireworks! how the fourth of july and summerfest have become my favorite summer days
+ how i can hear the clock in the center of town ring every hour in the daytime
+ the library. it's. the. best. (seriously)
+ terra mia (quattro formagi)
+ the scera theatre (i always feel that the theater opened only for me and no one else)
+ pioneer day (the folks get crazy in a good way)
+ the friendly people
+ of course my little Victorian home (you win the cute old house award)
+ the yard (we could never get that in California!)
+ being close to 2 malls (yup, that's important to me)
+ being real close to Target (also important and so dangerous at the same time)
+ walking distance to church
+ my friends
+ how close we were to the mountains (sure im not a mountain girl but this one's for ry)
+ actually make that- how we were close to everything. we are now spoiled.
+ the memories

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