Thursday, April 21, 2011

Water Ridge High-Efficiency Toilet Review (aka the Costco Toilet)

happy thursday!
betcha weren't looking forward to a review on 
yes toilets
specifically Costco toilets
but i thought it should be done since when i purchased these toilets i tried looking up any reviews and i could only find old reviews  
so here goes

i purchased the WR Water Ridge High-Efficiency Toilet
Dual Flush at Costco for the wonderful price of $85 each
which was pretty amazing since a normal standard toilet at lowes or home depot would set you back about $200
trust me we were a tad skeptical when buying them but we couldn't resist 

funny thing walking into costco thinking i would just pick up some butter, eggs, and milk 
but walk out with a toilet
not just 1 but 3
funny pics here

anyways back to review...
here is what the description part of the box looks like

here is ry with the finished installation 
he said the installation part was easy 
fabulous job honey!

picture of box

item #533515

more pics

high MaP score
what is a MaP score? 
here is a little tidbit via

Many toilet fixture performance tests exist, including proprietary tests by the fixture manufacturers, tests by Consumer Reports magazine, and the tests mandated by the plumbing codes for fixture certification. None of these, however, use test media that closely resembles the real "demands" upon a toilet, i.e., that of removing human waste. 

The Maximum Performance (MaP) testing project was developed in 2003 in order to identify how well popular toilet models perform using a realistic test media. The MaP testing protocol, cooperatively developed by water-efficiency and plumbing fixture specialists in the U.S. and Canada, incorporated the use of soybean paste as a test media, closely replicating the "real world demand" upon fixtures. Performance testing of 80 different toilet fixture models was completed and summarized in the Final Report (1st Edition - December 2003). That report led to the further evolution of testing and reporting on toilet fixtures and their flush performance. 

if you want even more info click here

but basically it measures how well your toilet flushes your *ahem* waste while still being water-efficient
at least that is my understanding of it

so this toilet does have a high MaP score which is a plus
the dual flush is pretty cool too
when you go #2 you push the big button
when you go #1 you push the little button
#2 gives more water
#1 gives less

make sense?
we have had the toilets for a few weeks now and have not noticed any problems with them
we have two on our top floor and one in our basement
i will be eager to update if any problems do occur and i hope they don't 

these toilets are pretty sweet and look so nice
and the price is hard to beat
hopefully they will not give us any problems
but only time will tell


  1. I too purchased two of these toilets without intending to do so. Went to Costco for bottled water and walked out with bottled water and two toilets...the price was hard to beat. They seem to work fine, certainly don't clog as often as our old builder's grade Kohler toilets. Our son's tend to clog their toilet more often (11 and 7 years old), but haven't clogged the Costco toilet in their bathroom...yet.

    As I was leaving Costco I told the gentleman who was checking my receipt that my purchase wasn't as exciting as a flat screen television, to which he replied, "Yes, but more relaxing."

  2. We too went to Costco buying groceries and to our surprise, walked out with 3 533515 dual flush toilets (our old ones used 4 gallons a flush!) Now, 3 months later, STILL LOVE THEM! I have never gushed about a TOILET before! But this one gets all every time! With so little water! Our water bill shrunk too! Only issue we did have was bolt broke when installing one. Just used an old one from the old toilet.

    Jan L.
    Conway, SC

  3. For the author of this article, how goes the toilets now? Just bought the one piece WR from Costco and about to install when I saw this article. Looks promising but thought I'd check to make sure you still like the purchase.

    1. Still love the toilets. No problems thusfar!

  4. I'm also curious if you still like theWR toilets as we are thinking about getting one. I've heard they are a bit hit and miss.

  5. Hello,

    I am trying to find out if this toliet will qualify for my lcal county rebat program. The model # comes up but not WaterRidge. Is WaterWidge the same company as Stonehouse TM?

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  7. Costco now has the same toilet in. 1piece. $124. Thanks for your thoughts.

  8. A high-efficiency toilet for $85 is honestly quite irresistible! :D Though it would deserve some doubts from me too. Have you been using the toilets up to this day, Chloe? If they worked fine up to now, I can only imagine the amount of money and energy you were able to save in almost two years! Most people don’t realize it, but the water we consume flushing the toilet takes up a great percentage of our whole water consumption. Hope you’re not having problems. It was such a great deal! -->Elia

  9. Just letting people know the tank is not lined. so you might get a problem with sweating. the rest looks really good though. I brought it back because that was the problem I had with the old one. It would drip water like crazy in the summer making around the toilet floor wet. I rather spend the extra few dollars and know i have a better one.
    Just thought i would let everyone know

  10. Picked up 4 for ~$85. Whole family digs them.

  11. Thanks for writing a blog review about the Costco toilet. I was afraid I wasn't going to find any reviews. I installed one, worked great. Bought 2 more, will be installing them later.

  12. Thanks for the great review! Thinking of buying 2 of the Chelsea WR @ Costco too. Do you happen to have the dimension from the back of your toilet to the the very tip of the bowl. I thought I had measured 28" but was hoping it was a little less - we have 2 very small bathrooms. Thanks, Tina

  13. I bought one 1 month ago but its having some problem now it,s not flashing well any idea how to fix that thank,s

  14. I bought one over a year ago and very happy with it. The non-slamming cover is great. I love it.

  15. anyone have the installation instructions for their toilets still? we have the two piece, but no installation guide.

    1. to Annie: are you till in need of an installation guide? email me at with the subject line toilet and ill send u scanned copies of mine... just bought one today.

    2. Hi
      Saw this Waterridge One piece toilet Model #C22109C43-CUS3 Artisan at Costco Canada for $128. Has anyone bought this and what is the review on it?


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  17. I have install 25 or so of these and have had just minor issues. The one issue I did have was a running toilet and WR sent me a replacement by courier.

    1. Do you have the email or phone number to contact ? It is hard to find a part (washer) to replace. HD, Lowes, nor Canadian tire don't have the right size.

  18. If you're thinking about buying water efficient and "eco-friendly" toilets, you will need to check out this site best flushing toilet on the uk market.

  19. Hello,

    I stumbled across your website serching for reviews and reviews and reviews... There is such a "mixed bag". Many say "stay away" while others say "no issues/best purchase ever". I called a local Costco and spoke with an associate who told me that they sell a lot of these when they get them in and he has only personally seen a couple of units returned within the last 6-8 months. Not sure why he would state something otherwise. This post is in January 2017 and would appreciate any updated comments and feedback as a purchase needs to be made and I really want a 1-piece unit (personally this unit) for my small bathrooms that are being remodeled. Thank you.


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