Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas wish list

Wishing for Christmas:

01. marshmalow madness- currently im having a marshmallow obsession.
02. the barefoot contessa cookbook- she's my fave. love her food.
03. family style-yum
04. tocca's brigitte- a girl can dream
05. for my groceries and more
06. dessert plates- soooo pretty!
07. copper measuring cups
08. i collect measuring spoons
09. these are cute too
10. always wanted to try these candles- Goji Berry please!

01. a tux dress for baby- size 9 months for Christmas
02. black tutu 
03. a book about feelings
04. heirloom wooden blocks
05. or even a wooden tray puzzle

1 comment:

  1. happy hippo angry duck, lol. I've gotta pick that one up. :)


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