Friday, November 30, 2012

our computer has a virus


via mr. eddie ross 

:( seriously so sad...but ry is doing his best to make it all better.
i have photos to upload from thanksgiving.
california was lots of sunshine and fun.
can i move there already? pleeeease?

the turkey was amazing and the cranberry-pineapple was almost completely eaten by moi.
we went to universal studios (ry's first time!) and missed the old furry king kong (now replaced with a 3D one- boooooo!!!!)

ate at umami burger. the truffle burger is to die for.
flipped though cookbook after cookbook for new recipes.
planned out Christmas gifts (still haven't purchased yet- eeeek!)
still figuring out what to do for ry's birthday.

the photo above has made me super excited for the Christmas season. this year we are not traveling- our first Christmas at home. my little sister is coming down for a week and i cant wait. looking forward to starting the "24 days of Christmas" tradition in our home.

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