Wednesday, September 29, 2010

nude heels

i really hope these work out
late birthday present to me
the price and look were right
but is it comfy?

with fall coming, my mind drifts towards boots
 i am super happy with the boots i got last year
can't wait to whip 'em out again

i am a big fan of rockport and echo boots, but i long for the look of higher end brands *cough* Sergio Rossi and Robert Clergerie *cough* but their prices steer me away 

i always hear my mom's voice in the background telling me how much she loves them (she owns a few Rossi's and Clergerie's herself) but our incomes are quite different for now :)


  1. sexy heels! I always thought you could pull off wearing heels though. I, on the other hand, cannot do as well. You're just naturally beautiful.

  2. ailinh you are so sweet :) thank you.
    i totally think you can wear heels beautifully!

  3. LOVE the heels! Great taste in shoes! :D


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