Thursday, October 28, 2010

what ive been up to

making my favorite pasta dish with my noodle gift 
eating pretzel m&m's
scouring the thrift store for more finds

planning the kids halloween trick or treat party at my work
scheming of new ways to use divine twine
whipping up a jello side dish for M's Halloween party

dreaming of thanksgiving & Christmas with my family
reading up on how to make this
putting these on my Christmas list in the color Pastels
and this too in the color Petal please

and wishing i could look like this everyday- not the affordable version- the luxe version please!


  1. well haven't you been a busy little bee! can't wait to hear how your party goes! amen, to your last statement, don't we all chloe - don't we all! ;)

  2. @Lemonpeel- busy busy busy! cant wait for your party! :)
    @Chantal- miss you too hon miss you too


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