Tuesday, November 9, 2010

thrifty finds: Christmas oreo cookie jar

bought this cutie months ago
but i didnt want him to make his debut until closer to the holidays

love the details

i was going to give this to my oreo-obsessed brother for Christmas
but i had a feeling that he wouldn't adore it as much as i do
and i have gotten a little attached 

can you tell? 


  1. I love all your posts about what you found at the thrift store. I was actually thinking last night of taking a trip out to DI to find some cool stuff to put around the house. Who knew thrifty stuff could be so neat?

  2. I still think you should fill that puppy with Oreos!!!

  3. @ailinh- i am glad you enjoy these type of posts! they are my fave too. i have a mini tutorial coming up on "how to thrift shop"

    @natasha dont worry i will in december :)

  4. how about me??! hahahahahah for the other cookie monster!?


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