Monday, December 27, 2010

ala moana

possibly my favorite mall in the world
a shoppers paradise in paradise
the world's largest open air mall

well acutally its a tie
between south coast plaza and this place

ry hung out with nico at borders
while the ladies and dad enjoyed walking about 
in the humid weather and browsing the
amazing array of shops

my top favorite stores to browse:
01. shirokya
my favorite place for japanese goods and yum yum food
restocked my dwindling origami paper supply
and want to go back and get more

02. all big time designer stores 
(at least their window displays because spending that much on clothes sometimes frightens me) 
but walking out of a certain store with a little blue box
brightened up the very very rainy monday

03. sephora
overpriced beauty items
but its just so pretty! 

and a newbie
04. q-pot

q-pot is a brand new favorite of mine
it tricked me at first
i thought i was wandering into a French pastiserrie 
i saw towers of strawberry, pistachio, and light cocoa macaroons in the window display
along with swirls of icing and light pink strawberries

but as i looked closer i found that they were jewelry!

look at how adorable
and so kawaii
yes it is more on the teenybopper side
but my sweet tooth and my cute radar
weakens at the look of these

they are not cheap nor are they crazy expensive
lets just say i will not be buying one soon
but i will continue to drool
and cheer on the teenyboppers
who purchase these delectable treats 


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