Wednesday, January 19, 2011

ask vera: jewelry

i adore vera wang 
her designs inspire a lot of my sewing creations 
as well as my overall design aesthetic 
her newsletters always give me joy 
and so does the topics of dresses, jewelry and weddings
here is my favorite tidbit i picked up from this weeks letter

How should I incorporate my jewelry into my complete wedding look?

 Don’t be afraid to create your wedding
look around a statement piece of jewelry, especially if it is a family heirloom.

Most often, however, the dress is the focal point and the jewelry a discrete accompaniment. The more ornate your dress is, the less jewelry you should wear. (Less is more…) Choose necklaces based on the neckline of your dress and never mix jewelry styles or metal colors. As you assemble your look, double-check that your dress and your jewelry are not competing with each other. — XO, Vera

and an extra tidbit

Glossary: Skirt Shapes
[ full ]  A large or full volume skirt is figure-flattering by creating a narrow waist, but the proportion can also overwhelm a smaller bride.

[ a-line ]  Very versatile, this is a good choice to minimize a larger figure. It’s a very elongating shape and flatters most brides. An A-line can be full or narrow or modified. The type of A-line will determine if you need a bustle or detachable train.

[ mermaid ]  Accentuates the bride’s curves since it hugs the body. A mermaid shape can work for many body types. It cannot support a bustle.

[ circular ]  It can be grand or graceful depending on the fabric used. Due to the fullness, it often works well on tall brides.

[ balloon ]  This is a full, voluminous skirt that then tapers a bit near the hemline.

my personal favorite is the full- its the shape i dreamed about when i was a little girl, but when i tried on full gowns for my wedding dress they never looked right on me!
i ended up choosing a hybrid between a mermaid and a narrow a-line
my goodness i should have been a wedding/event planner 

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