Wednesday, January 12, 2011

boy bands

so i was OBSESSED with n*sync and backstreet boys in high school
i never was able to see them in concert :(
but in the future i hope either the full BSB or n*sync tours again
kevin from BSB and jc from n*sync were my crushes- they are cute 
i am starting to get obsessed again

top favorite songs from BSB?

01. ill never break your heart
03. as long as you love me

check these out:

i love this especially cheesy Europe version of ill never break your heart

and the still cheesy U.S. version

and here's some n*sync for you
just for good measure
i drive myself crazy
cute song

take a little time out of your day and sing along
you know you want to
recently i have been singing these songs everyday
and i still believe the n*sync Christmas album is the best ever

and confession
i made ryan watch the first video with me yesterday
he laughed at me
i don't blame him 

1 comment:

  1. I agree! N sync Christmas album is the best!


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