Tuesday, January 18, 2011

nail polish of the month: OPI Vodka & Caviar

a new blogging installment 
once a month i will be showcasing my polish obsession
if i had more moolah i would be doing fragrance of the month
now, i love perfume 
but polish is definitely a strong love of mine too 

my favorite nail polish of January 
OPI Vodka and Caviar
ive been through lots and lots of reds
but this is definitely in my top 3 red nail polishes 
a beautiful blue-based red
its very old Hollywood glamour 
but wearable for everyday
and its perfect for Chinese New Year


  1. So pretty! I am excited you're doing this. I've always wanted to try different nail colors, but am always afraid if I can pull them off. But now I know since you can, I can, too... but I just won't look as hawt though. ;)

  2. oh please ailinh you look hot too:) lol


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