Sunday, January 9, 2011

oahu photo round-up part two

my hair is awesome here

ahia taking pics up the steps to diamond head
by the way ahia means "big brother" in Chinese
his real name is Pierre 

dad pretending to fall 
not so funny 

mom and ahia at the top

very pretty


lots of steps

fam bam minus nico taking the pic 

pretending to fall again
we gave a courtesy laugh :) 

pretty beach

ahia holding up Chinaman's Hat

the windy park 


  1. hahaha your dad is funny. got me laughing out loud. Beautiful pictures, lady! I am so so so jealous times 10 of you. That place looks so money.

  2. :) thanks ailinh- he is definitely a joker! it was so nice to go back home- hawaii is very special to me- i kinda grew up there- did i tell you that?

  3. good to see all of you here chloe!!! we miss you and the family! :)


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