Tuesday, February 1, 2011

CNY: do's for the new year

chloe's do's for Chinese New Year

do: wear red (symbolizes happiness) or gold (wealth) or orange (happiness)

do: buy oranges and tangerines preferably with stems still intact (good health & long life & good relationships)

do: decorate your home in red and gold

do: eat some sort of noodles (make sure the noodles are uncut- they symbolize longevity)

do: call your family if you can't all be together (i am planning skype time with mine)

do: on new year's eve open the windows and doors of your home to let go of the old year

do: pay off your debts or be in the motions of paying off your debts 

do: forgive those who have wronged you and forgive yourself

do: make resolutions (or check up on the ones you made January 1st)

do: clean your home before the new year approaches

do: make (or buy) Chinese food that you love

do: bake little golden cakes (prosperity- golden nuggets)

do: start the new year holding hands with the one you love 

do: remember your ancestors, honor them 

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