Tuesday, February 15, 2011

nigella says: summer by the sea pasta

a beautiful tangled mess 

when utah weather gets bad (which 6 out of 12 months it is bad)
it makes me miss my family and of course good weather
today the sun is out and it makes me happy

i would love to go back and live in hawaii
seared ahi tuna every week? 
sign me up please
oh how i wish this could happen
in another life perhaps

till then i will continue to make this mussel pasta 
and be reminded of childhood summers by the sea


  1. Okay maybe I'm dumb...but i've tried to add video's before, how did you do it! You're a genius...

  2. it was a little confusing for me! don't feel dumb lol! first you go to youtube to find the video you want. click embed under the video- copy the text that is highlighted and when you write a new post you paste it into the Edit HTML tab which is right next to the compose tab. let me know if you have any more trouble


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