Wednesday, February 9, 2011

thrifty finds: tart pan

a nice find at the thrift store
after ry and i ate a fruit tart from kneaders
we just had to try makin one ourselves
well, he nicely asked me if i could make it for him
of course i said yes

here is the finished product
white chocolate fruit tart
so i skimped out on the other fruits because right now the grocery stores didn't have an abundance of summer fruit that i was hoping they would have
wishful thinking
its still february 

i do love the kiwi green and happy bright mandarin oranges 

not bad for my first fruit tart

mistakes ?
too thick of a crust 
and perhaps the cream needs a bit more creaminess put into it
and of course more beautiful summer fruit
ill give it a shot in another couple of months 

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