Thursday, March 24, 2011

march faves

01. my new target flats 
02. our hardwood floor

03. my goodbye card from my friends K&

04. getting skincare products from nordstroms- more about this later 

05. the mcdonald's shamrock shake 

06. yes i know its mcdonald's but its cute and yummy- i love mint 

07. spring shopping- light and flowy skirts, ankle boots, stacking bracelets  
08. getting new glasses- i will take a pic later
09. talking to my auntie G who is far away in new york
10. learning patience with myself and with others 
11. learning about housekeeping- i am the worst cleaner ever 
12. mac lipstick in plumful- my favorite year-round punchy lipcolor 
13. l'oreal voluminous full definition mascara in blackest black
14. planning for Thanksgiving & Christmas- yes people start thinking about it
15. friends who helped with all the moving/cleaning/etc. 
16. having a craft room- wowie zowie a dream!
17. turquoise jewelry with red clothing- waiting for spring to come round 
18. buying lilly of the valley & peonies for planting- two of my favorite flowers
19. visiting the library
20. preparing for outdoor eating in the backyard 

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