Tuesday, April 26, 2011

garden dreams: before and during

here is a pic of our garden plots before our little makeover

a crazy pumpkin grew here

a cute lil ladybug from the past owners
i think i shall keep her

a strange looking wheel in the back corner
an ant hill in the plastic pot
and an overgrown sage brush

it smelled so good!

another hot mess 

look at this poor grass

so many bald spots

i plan on slowly ripping out those bushes
and putting in lily of the valley everywhere

a huge pile of old grass clippings

the garden plots after:
we "turned over" the soil
got rid of all the old plants
a fresh new start!

we planted some ranuculus 
hopefully they grow even with all this crazy cold weather we are having for Spring

hopefully in the coming months they will grow into these
ranunculus is one of my faves
one of the best cut flowers! 


  1. yay for ranunculus! I planted them in the front bed. love them, they are so pretty! :)

    Ps, your pictures - we should totally do those. But next week might be a safer bet, let's chat at dinner about it yes? We can't wait to see you guys and your gorgeous house!

  2. sounds good! this weather just cant make up its mind?!


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