Monday, April 18, 2011

nigella says: chocolate key lime pie

i love this cookbook
before we moved ry and i decided to make chocolate key lime pie 
a celebration of green for st. patty's day
the mint green color of the pie was just beautiul
(even if it was unnatural- food coloring)
the key limes gave the pie just the right amount of "umph"
the crust was my favorite part for sure
the chocolate chips, graham cracker, and richly dark cocoa powder
it was pretty much amazing
see this video for a similar mint green colored pie 

aren't the ingredients just beautiful?

ry helping with the filling
hand blenders are awesome

crust firming up in the fridge

pouring the luscious key lime filling in the crust

voila! isn't the color just lovely?

dark chocolate shavings

and some lime zest for color and flavor

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