Thursday, November 18, 2010

wishlist: baking and cooking edition

1. you can never have too many beautiful mini bowls
2. a gold jelly roll pan 
3. le creuset french ovens in white 
5. i keep checking this out at the library 
7. homemade pasta so so good 
8. i would wrap my sweets with this sweet ribbon 
9. perfect cookies yes please 
10.  i want to throw a tea party 
11.  and carry the cakes in style 

here we are again
i dont really need these things
just wishing again
for fun

wont you join me?
what is one thing you are wishing for this year?


  1. Your holiday ideas are helping me out tons! I'm feeling so festive this year! I have no idea how you make time for work, blog, cook, home, and most importantly Ryan. You are super woman to me :D

  2. @Linda- thank you! i don't know how i get it all done either :) but i can say this- i like to prepare everything ahead of time, not at the last minute- especially when it comes to cooking- its not perfect all the time. oh how i wish it were.


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