Tuesday, April 19, 2011

garden dreams: starting the garden & sister time

about two weekends ago my sister dropped by to visit for general conference
and we had so much fun!

we made roast chicken with purple potatoes

chantal's friend kristin came over to visit

they are so cute

french toast time at kneaders

early morning-yucky face

watching conference

we went to kndeaders twice in the same day
chantal wanted some delish desserts

ugh no makeup again! 
but i love the jacket i am wearing

painted toenails!
we didn't want to match but we wanted to coordinate
funny because we were wearing the same style of jeans
lilac and mint

first round of desserts

second round-yogurtland!

pretty pastels

chantal always crams hers full of chocolate goodness

trying a brownie

strawberry tart and fruit tart

planting day
the GIANT pumpkin

lots of seeds

jiffy greenhouse
perfect for us
since we have no idea when Spring is going to show up

this happend the night before we started planting the seeds

pretty but not what i want right now

pictures of the progress to be posted soon!


  1. Looks like things are going great! We miss you guys but I am loving the house updates!


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