Wednesday, May 18, 2011

charming house: living room before

here is the before
the after won't come for a little while
there are a lot of things i would love to change about this room
the light fixture (not in photo)
the tile around the fireplace
the couch (not that i dont like mr. stripes)
the lamp shade
the bookcase
okay so pretty much everything 

what i have changed so far:
added a loveseat
subtracted the striped couch
added two single chairs
added a ottoman
subtracted the bookshelf
added a slimmer bookshelf
moved mr. computer
let the calla lily plant die (i know, tragic, but it had to happen)
put up some photos on the bare walls

i really like this photo above
but with more softer colors that go more feminine 
no pink though!
surprise surprise 

somewhat kid-friendly
feminine but not over the top
calming and relaxing (not too much jolts of color)
nice lighting that can be changed up (dimmer?)
silk drapes ($$$ i know, but we will see)
a nice impact on the mantle (maybe a big mirror?)
lots of seating

still waiting/thinking about:
one more bigger couch
more rearranging
dreaming up some window treatments
wishing for a sisal rug
a new ceiling color (something with a sheen. pearly glow to reflect more light)

hope you have a happy wednesday!!!

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