Monday, May 2, 2011

charming house: living room inspirations

lately i have been focusing more thought over the living room
trying to nail down a certain color palette
i was thinking blue, turquoise, and white
faded and distressed furniture 
and a chandelier with crystals (sparkly yea!)

but once i start surfing the net for more idea inspiration i get pulled back into 
the "mint green splendor"
that i do love so much
maybe blue and green together?
hilarious since they are the opposites of my very first favorite colors
 pink and red

pretty macaroons in a pretty box

when i go to paris i will go to laduree first 
and buy lots of macaroons
aren't their boxes perfect?

granny-ish but i love grandma style in a more updated way
grandma's house = comfort 

quite a large living room 
elegance and comfort 

lush and beautiful
just so inviting!

one of my favorite inspiration pictures
blue pillow, green stripes, and paisely
i could dream the day away

hungry for mint green all over again
isn't this such a pretty desk?
so intricate and beautiful

lovely faded prints
nice and bright

love this living room
relaxing and calm
a nice balance to my over-anxious personality 

so plush and clean looking
love the rumpled faded rose pillows

yes shabby chic is a style that is so popular and not unique
but you know what?
i absolutely adore it
Rachel Ashwell (creator of Shabby Chic) describes it as
"the marriage of my English heritage with the fresh eclectic qualities of my California lifestyle" 
when i read that i was pretty much sold
i love pretty, vintage, girly things
but i also love practicality and ease 
memories of my earlier life as a California girl 

this style suits me and i think its here to stay

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  1. I love the bedroom pictures.... so soft and beautiful.


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