Tuesday, May 24, 2011

garden progress and how to rip out bushes

ry working in the garden
there are more dandelions than grass in our backyard 

found lemon basil growing!
used it in a pasta dish last week
it smells so lovely
bright and lemony 

piles and piles of weeds heap up

more piles

a tree that was planted maybe a couple of years ago
we have no idea what kind of tree it is
my friend M said it might be peach

i have a feeling its apple 

and now how to get rid of bushes

the monster bushes

they have been here 20 years 
according to my neighbor C

here is what we tried first

we cut off all the smaller branches to get to the stump

ry started to dig around the stump

then our neighbor M leant us his power saw

A LOT of sawing at the root

tried wiggling it free 

ry and M work together to try to rip it out

it worked!
but it took so long!
then our friend C came to the rescue
she saw us trying to rip out the bushes and she came over and said she had a better way
i was not able to get a picture and i wish i did
her husband took some chains and wrapped it around the roots and hooked it up to his truck
and he yanked em out! 
it was pretty cool

look at all the dirt the roots held onto

it is still a mess but at least the roots are out!

thank you to our neighbors that helped with lending us their trashcans and their advice!

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