Thursday, May 5, 2011

missoni for target: i think i am going to faint

when i heard the news, my heart skipped a beat

missoni is coming to target!

apparel and accessories for women, children, and men
home decor- bedding to dish-ware (yipee!)

even though i adore a lighter color palette with more floral emphasis- missoni's zigzags, stripes, and swirls make me swoon. the collection will debut at target september 13- so close to my birthday! hallelujah! however, if there is nothing that somewhat coordinates with my home palette i might come back empty-handed in the home decor department. clothing however is a whole different story :) maybe ry and i will get coordinating shirts. it could be cute. 

via my fave the budget babe
she also has more info here

swirly-whirly bedding

hopefully pastels will be in the collection somewhere

the only zigzags i love

this would be a WONDERFUL birthday surprise for me
hint. hint. hint. 

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