Tuesday, May 31, 2011

winter and mary's wedding

it was a beautiful wedding
here are some pics to walk you through the wedding through my eyes

mary let me be in charge of arranging the dessert buffet table
good deal
going to confess 
i ate 2 pieces of desserts before the wedding
they wouldn't fit on the plate anyway!

the theme was rustic-vintage-eco-friendliness 
super cute huh?
i really loved the idea of the paper brown sacks 
so that guests could take sweets home too

isn't the purple flower bowl pretty?

the cake was made by aunt sara
an amazing baker in colorado

cake balls (by arian) and mini cheesecakes

pretty cupcakes (gluten-free!)

linzer torte

blondies, cupcakes, lemon poppyseed cake balls

delicate mousse with berries and chocolate

ryan getting ready for the ceremony

the white tent is where we had dinner

center of ceremony
a tree-planting was part of the ceremony 
sweet idea!

forrest, arian, and sweetheart alex

more alex

more alex again!

i am just going to do a separate post with all pics of him! 
haha he is so cute!

rockwell (bro-in-law), kelly (sister-in-law), and peggy (mom-in-law)

beautiful hydrangeas

ry's uncle richard
my favorite!
i call him the mad mathematician
he is genius

neala (sis-in-law) and matt (bro-in-law)

more uncle richard!

alex reading

ceremony begins

claudia (mom-in-law), the handsome winter (groom, bro-in-law), vaughn (dad-in-law)

colleen (mary's sister)



so cute!

mary walking down the aisle

doesn't she look amazing?
so gorgeous

love all the purple!

a beautiful braid holding flowers with symbols of great qualities in marriage

mother and son

table arrangement 

sitting and listening to the toasts

no i did not get pictures of EVERYTHING
i was enjoying the wedding and party!

thank you to mary and winter for letting us share your special day with you!
it was wonderful and we are so excited/happy/jumping for joy for both of you
lots of love,
ry & chloe

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  1. Wow! Those desserts looks great! What a cute little ceremony.


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