Wednesday, June 29, 2011

twisty breadsticks and creamy pasta

to make the breadsticks
you just buy the easy breadsticks in a can
be sure to get the twisty kind
i used rosemary
while twisting i pressed in rosemary leaves and grated parmesean 
then bake!

the pasta recipe that i used was by giada
a favorite fettuccine alfredo recipe
there is a stronger lemon flavor that cuts through the rich cream
one of my comfort foods

pasta from williams-sonoma
a beautiful unique shape
(sorry about all the sideways pics- still figuring out how to rotate pics on google chrome)

i will be blogging in and out till next tuesday
my family comes this afternoon/evening!


  1. I love Giada. We love simple recipes like these. Thanks girl!

  2. that pasta IS beautiful! can't wait to try that recipe the lemon sounds amazing - I am a total sucker for lemony things. delish. Have fun with your family!


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