Friday, June 10, 2011


this is what i am currently wanting to eat all the time
no- not pregnant- this is just normal me

house/garden updates:
- fixed some electrical problems
- i now know that electricians cost a lot (yikes)
- but now i have my dryer working again (yea)
- have put most of the plants in the garden 
- a few herbs and other plants still need to be placed in the ground
- there are so many scary bugs (makes me want ry to be around)
- the raspberry roots are doing well (thank goodness)
- found curly parsley randomly growing in the midst of some rocks
- purple pansies were growing in the oddest space of the patio
- planted walla walla onions. just because i love saying "walla walla"

fun pics to come- there has not been much time to sit and download all the photos i have taken. the garden has consumed me with all the work that needs to be done. 

***and great news***
my little brother will be serving in the Salt Lake City Mission. my family and i are beyond excited/happy/nervous. haha. more details in the coming weeks. so proud of my little brother!


  1. wow That's awesome Nico is going to SLC mission :D I'm excited for him too! Sounds like garden takes a lot of work! That reminds my mom, I saw her diligently tending for the garden when I was growing up. I know when you do something you do everything you can, so I know it will turn out beautifully :) Oh, the strawberry chocolate...yummm I want some too.

  2. Wow those strawberries look delicious!! I want one right now!

    I am so excited for Nico! He is a fabulous young man and I know that he will be a great missionary. It was fun seeing him a couple of weeks ago at Todd's mission farewell. Having a missionary in your family is the best feeling in the world! Congrats Nico!

  3. Wala wala is now the word of the day.


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