Monday, July 4, 2011

blueberry craving

lemon blueberry tart
im sure its amazing
recipe here
wishing that i could grow a lemon tree
can't really live without em
i have a bowl of limes and lemons pretty much always
on the dining table

mixed berry salad with mint
perfect for the season
simple and easy
recipe here

maybe i should take my new tart pan out for a spin
this recipe looks like it could be great

blueberries and raspberries always remind me of summer
and the fourth of july
they are just perfect
all the talk about the superfruits of the world
well i think that the blueberry is a superfruit in its own right

yea for summer!

have a happy fourth of july
today i will be spending it with my family 
shopping, eating, movie watching

i absolutely love when my family comes to visit

all via martha

1 comment:

  1. Those fruits looks so fresh. These are some nice dessert for summer.


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