Wednesday, July 27, 2011

bridal shower details

ry putting up ball jars the evening before the shower
we put tealights in them for a magical effect
a simple and thrifty way to light up your party

donettes are so cute and yummy
with a three-tier stand
flavors of choice?
coconut, powdered sugar and chocolate frosted flavors

so cute!
and simple

flower arranging
my most favorite and peaceful hobby 
purple spider mums and sunshine yellow chrysanthemums 
arranged in vintage milk glass containers
my fave

a new container
a Mikasa crystal "fishbowl" style container
from my mom

a thrifty way to get your mileage out of all your flowers
any flowers that have been broken at the stem or a little crushed
still look lovely floating in a small pool of water

the beautiful mess

sunshine arrangement 

food tags

another thrifty tip:
instead of buying that veggie tray pre-made
buy some veggies and do the work yourself
buy some dressing
use a pretty plate

milk glass tray
vintage cup for dressing

we had lime sherbet punch
an easy-peasy favorite

fill your bunt pan with lime sherbet
and freeze
5 minutes before your party
submerge the lower half of bundt pan in hot water for a few seconds
invert into your punch bowl 
and pour in the sprite or 7up 

1 comment:

  1. Those flower arrangements are to die for! You are so good at that. And the Lime sherbet punch idea is awesome!


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