Wednesday, July 20, 2011

bridal shower time

all via martha stewart

 for a while now i have been planning a bridal shower 
and the time has come!
okay, friday evening to be exact

but there is still some bits and pieces 
here and there
that need to be polished off and finished

here is the menu:
chicken salad
lime fizz punch
veggie "shots"

and for dessert
(made to order by ry)
i have always loved the idea of a crepe bar

lots of different toppings
whipped cream, honey, homemade cherry jam, lemon juice, powdered sugar, bananas and nutella (YUM)
this is making me hungry

and depending on time i am seeing if i can fit in some homemade berry tarts
but we will see how things play out

ry has been so great at cleaning out the garden and getting it ready 
there will be pretty lights
and lovely flowers
ooh i can't wait!

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