Tuesday, July 26, 2011

prep for the bridal shower & garden updates

in preparation for the bridal shower
(that already happened and was a success!)
ryan lovingly tore down the terrible lattice last week

 we are guessing that it has been there for as long as the house has
about twenty years!

 trying to be more "eco"
i decided to turn some of the lattice pieces into stakes for my plants
do you need some?
let me know
i got a couple of piles

 more garden updates 
the bell peppers and the walla wallla onions
and in the lower right corner 'super chili'
hopefully not too blazing hot- haha- 
they will probably be equivalent to fire

these photos were taken July 19
recently we added more plants to this planter
more tomatoes from my friend M!

the white icicle radish row
yellow husk tomatillo
and random veggies here and there
turnips, carrots, green onions, beets
i swear i planted them in rows!
they just went everywhere

 my favorite thing to watch in the garden
the 'sweet 100' tomato plant
a hybrid
super beautiful 
they look like little green jewels
super shiny

okay im obsessed with them
aren't they the cutest?

 'early girl'
she is taking a little longer than i anticipated
but she is gorgeous!

'galina's yellow cherry tomato'
ry counted about 120 little cherry tomato flowers so far

 'yellow husk' tomatillo
super excited about these as well
they are really pretty

the fire sticks 
he is not growing very big at the moment
getting a tad worried
maybe fertilizer?

 my butternut squash
eaten at the stem by slugs
they. will. pay.

not sure what this is- haha
it is a type of squash but i don't remember!

 french pumpkin
really pretty curly vines

another squash i do not remember! 

'early girl' bell pepper
isn't she beautiful?

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