Wednesday, July 13, 2011

serene living room: lamps and extras

in the process of decorating the living room 
i decided to unify the lamps and extras that are currently very mismatched
we have one tall lamp (wedding gift)
a small finial ($3)
a vintage table lamp ($4)

used some foil and frog tape to protect the areas i did not want sprayed

silver united
i did two shades of silver
a brushed nickel and a very shiny silver

funny thing about spray paint is that once you spray paint one thing
you end up spray painting other things too
see the family sign?
that used to be white which before that was black
yea for spray paint

i whipped out a lot of my mismatched frames and decided to spray them as well
pics of the finished living room to come
exciting, no?


  1. Nice! Reading this blog makes me realize how much work goes into designing and decorating home. I'm excitied for the pics of finished living room :D

  2. I LOVE the silver! lovely! yeah, painting is addicting, I think every frame in our house is now white. haha :)


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