Monday, July 18, 2011

weekend happenings

01. saw potter and avoided the huge crowds too. mid-day always trumps midnight showings. surprised we   ended up going opening weekend. so not like us. a great movie.
02. ran errands practically all day. it was fun being together.
03. grilled salmon, ahi tuna, chicken and shrimp. we wanted to try it all to see what is our fave.
04. our fave was the garlic lemon butter shrimp. amazing.
05. we have an almost done decorated master bedroom and living room. deets to come.
06. watched lots of barefoot contessa. she is one of my faves.
07. tended to the garden. really looking forward to harvesting!
08. love seeing all the back-to-school sales. especially on school supplies.
09. drew up plans for sewing some couch pillows- testing out different twists on color.
10. thought about dining room paint color for chairs. kinda stuck. 

1 comment:

  1. We also went to watch it first thing Saturday morning, and the crowd wasn't too bad. It was so good, couldn't stop crying in some parts. Great way to end the seriese. I'm excited hearing that you guys are almost done decorating rooms :) I also like back to school sale too.


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