Friday, August 19, 2011

back-to-school time & thoughts

aren't these lego men crayons adorable?

the months of august and september always fill me with joy. the thought of fall leaves, school starting just around the corner, crayons & college ruled paper, a new outfit, and apples (weird i know). 

love that my new calling at church is achievement day assistant. i get to help plan the activities for the 8-11 year old girls- they are just so cute! next monday i will be doing a hair activity (scheduled for the first day of school) to give the girls some fun ideas for the upcoming year. 

recently, i have been feeling extremely blessed (i should be thinking/feeling this way all the time!). ry and i are looking forward to making some changes in the house and in our lifestyle to just improve. i cannot be more happy that i married a man that prefers to help me clean or do a house project over anything else. for me, that has been a huge blessing in our marriage. 

sometimes, i take this for granted and i don't want to anymore.

i used to be so concerned with relationships that were not really important. in the end, i think its the relationships that i have with my spouse and family that will really count. not that i don't love my friends because i appreciate them more than they probably think. 
 i know that i can be a better and more loving wife than i thought i could be. 

cheers to knowing that we can improve 
it's just a matter of making that change.

have a great weekend!
im off to a wedding and spending time with my family

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  1. Oh Chlo, Lovely post :) We can all make a change for the better and appreciate more. I feel like we have to stop and take time to realize these things. Sometimes we need to be reminded to do that too, like from your blog :) I hope you have a beautiful day.


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