Monday, August 29, 2011

end of summer

the last days of summer are here
i am signing off until next week
we are taking a small vacation to visit ry's dad
super excited

hopefully in september we can host a small cookout in the backyard
depending on how weather will be

happy rest of the summer to you!
any fun plans?

things to do before summer ends:
01. eat lots of nectartines
02. keep eating the garden produce (never thought i would have a decent garden!)
03. start organizing Christmas decor and activities 
04. enjoy the backyard
05. eat green salads (salads in the fall/winter have never appealed to me)
06. arrange the den/famiy/tv room- not decorate, just arrange
07. put up my chandelier in the dining room (any advice on this?)
08. finally tidy up the extra rooms- they are a mess!

by the way// i have been loving the prints from the etsy shop aptly named Coco Draws
go check them out!


  1. You should buy a couple for your extra bedroom!

  2. Have a safe trip! and yes, Christmas time will be around the corner before we know it. I have to get ready!


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