Wednesday, August 17, 2011

garden dreams: summer progress

our green bean plant

is mistakenly labeled it a pea plant!
harvested quite a bit this week

the squash!
hard to believe there are only 3 plants

i think that is a butternut
at least i hope

mind-blowing fire

miniature red bell peppers 

large green bell pepper

pear cherry tomatoes

they are taller than ry now!

our little harvest

isn't that bell pepper awesome?


after cutting off the top stems there is a pretty pattern left
it would make a cute stamp no?

two delicious fall golden raspberries
so glad our little raspberry plant is giving a little this year
the red raspberries are still trying to establish their root systems
so maybe they will fruit next year 

my family is in town- yippee! 
we are hoping to do some fun things this week
including eating, gardening, shopping, and a wedding
don't worry i will still be here bloggin' away till this weekend

1 comment:

  1. wow I'm excited to see the plants growing :) I love all the green/red fresh veggie color! This is a lot of work Chlo!


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