Tuesday, August 2, 2011

grilling on a saturday

photos of us grilling 3 weeks ago

ry really enjoys the grill

i haven't conquered it yet
guess it doesn't come natural for me

the shrimp turned out the best
the sauce was a lemon butter sauce
why does butter do magical things for food?

grilling peaches

grilled peaches with blackberries and vanilla ice cream
a nice change from typical desserts

*today i am flying back home to ry*
miami was super fun
pictures to come this week


  1. Yum! Could you send me your shrimp recipe?! We're grilling at my sister's this weekend.

  2. yeah, the shrimp looks so good :) These summer garden and grilling pictures are nice. It's too hot in my place right now that I wish I was in somewhere cool or dry.


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