Friday, August 5, 2011

miami pictures part four

sleeping in

pretty and practical gift from aunt serene 

a great bakery in miami

look at the array of macaroons

beautiful and scrumptious large macaroon
the raspberries really complimented the sweetness of the macaroon
the edible gold foil was a nice touch

macaroons brought all the way home for ry
cassis (purple), passionfruit (yellow), pistachio (green), vanilla (creme), raspberry (red), hazelnut (brown)

snacks for the plane ride home

this is my particular favorite
sweet but not too over the top

my favorite purchase of the trip

the magic key makes sure you get every bit of the lotion out
a splurge but its my fave!

straw hat + coral lips= miami

calle ocho

the view from the plane heading home

pretty mountains

favorite things about this trip to miami:
01. great cuban food
02. beautiful beaches
03. humid and warm weather (yes in moderation i love that)
04. fresh seafood
05. being with family

1 comment:

  1. I love family gathering. I enjoyed all these pictures :) I could see the Miami culture from your pictures of places you visited and ate. I would love to go to those places. Thanks for posting all these, it was really fun!


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