Saturday, October 15, 2011

candle issues solved

ever have this problem?
where your candle "tunnels" and doesn't burn evenly?
it bugs me like crazy

if burned properly a candle should look like the above photo
evenly burned all the way down
no tunneling= no wasted wax

the candle right before i threw it away
it could not be lit anymore
the label says it gives about 40-65 hours
and im pretty sure i got about 60ish hours out of this candle

i opened up a new candle and started the "initial burn"
the initial burn means that you need to burn the candle 1 hour for every inch of diameter the candle is
example: if your candle measures 5 inches (across the top) then the initial burn should be 5 hours
after that initial burn you can burn the candle for smaller amounts of time and it should burn evenly from there

so back to my story,
i opened up acorn and fig  and started to burn it in the living room (away from drafts and flammable stuff)
unfortunately with my morning sickness i had to retreat for a nap upstairs
ry (not knowing about this initial burn) blew out the candle and made it "uneven" since it didn't burn all the way to the edge!

i was upset haha (blame the pregnancy hormones)
but luckily we found a solution to get the candle back on track
we had to waste a little wax upfront but its still a lot less wax than if i kept burning it and let the tunnel keep growing

do you see the uneven edging? the beginning of the tunnel?

1. get out a small knife. (i used a lemon zester) carve away the higher edges
2. continue to carve away until it is all even

3. ta-da! when this is done, burn the candle again as if this was the initial burn all over again
4. you might see some edges that do not melt and are higher 
5. when the candle is done with the time of the initial burn let it cool
6. carve the higher areas away with knife or zester
7. burn again and it should be even!

hope this helps!

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  1. Great! I was about to google how to fix this problem. I'll have to come back to this post again every now and then :D


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