Tuesday, October 25, 2011

inspiring stuff

via the beautiful blog simply me

one day i would love to live as tausha does (simply me blogger). her house is so dreamy! 
she is a very talented home decorator and stylist.

the morning sickness is still hanging around but luckily it is not nearly as bad as in the first trimester- waiting for the energy boost to kick in sometime soon! the nursery is slowly getting cleared out. after catching a few minutes of the a&e show hoarders, my inner pack-rat freaked out and i am looking forward to tossing out more stuff- difficult but seriously not cool when you are trying to make a peaceful home. 

we are hoping to find out the gender of baby next week sometime! so exciting. it will make it easier for me to pick and choose from my existing decor how to style the nursery. i feel like the nursery will not really be "decorated" for awhile but i think i know what direction i want to go. 

im excited to start reading the maze runner
a recommendation from my friend K

isn't this a dreamy bed?

happy tuesday friends!

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  1. hoarders show freaks me out too. I love home decor pictures on your blog. Inspires me to create a lovely space :)


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