Friday, October 21, 2011

shabby chic dining

sharon osbourne's dining room via shabby chic
a great blend of shabby and chic
love the tiffany blue peaking in the back with the drapes

lisa vanderpump's dining room from a touch of luxe
can you imagine it overflowing with light pink roses everywhere?
so pretty!

ruffled tablecloth via shabby chic couture 
ruffles are my favorite
so girly and so over-the-top 

looking forward to buying vintage china and using it daily
maybe i should wait till the kiddos get older?
ill think about it :)


  1. I think Lisa Vanderpump has one of the most gorgeous house. I like the lighting in her dining room too. Both gorgeous pictures and over-the-top!

  2. Haha. WOW! Gaudy is as gaudy does. Gotta love the Corinthian chair design and un-presumptuous sterling silver. :)


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