Wednesday, October 19, 2011

treat yo self

giant paper roses from rachel ashwell shabby chic shop
dreamy aren't they?
if we have a girl i would love to make a few and hang them in a corner of her room
even if she ends up hating pink, hello kitty and ruffles- she has no choice in her early years ;)

via google images

did you watch the most recent parks and recreation episode?
perhaps my favorite one
"treat yo self" made me laugh so much
a great moment in the midst of morning sickness

how did i treat myself?
i ate a slice of caramel apple dipped in walnuts and toffee


  1. Haven't seen the episode of Parks and Rec, but heard it was good. Maybe I should watch it. I love those roses, you should definitely have them hanging in baby girl's room.

  2. Treat yo self 2011! It's the best day of the year!

    Love Tom's happy/surprise face.


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