Monday, November 7, 2011


strawberry santas via pinterest

aren't these strawberries adorable? 
probably healthier than typical holiday fare- i hope to make them

- doctors appointment today! hope everything is going well with baby
- still quite sick. boo. its definitely better than 1st trimester but i am still sluggish and nauseous
- cravings have become "stronger"; in-n- out cheeseburgers anyone?
- our Christmas tree is up early for decoration planning
- want to make a list of budget friendly meals that are still nourishing and yummy
- doing research on house projects. whew! daunting. 
- making applesauce & cinnamon ornaments for my achievement day girls
- hoping to cheaply recover a lampshade...any tips/thoughts on this?
- can't wait to dive into all the sewing projects that need to get done before baby comes
- organizing your closet(s) can be so rewarding! 
- are black-out shades necessary for a baby's room? thoughts?
- also craving menchies tart fro-yo flavor with strawberry crunchies on top. yum. 

1 comment:

  1. I TOTALLY craved in n out burgers too! haha I hope you start feeling better!


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