Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas lately

mini gingerbread houses are the cutest 

01. so many house projects- ry has been so great
02. so many house projects- i am pregnant and move at the pace of frozen molasses with everything
03. kitchen is messy messy
04. listening to as much Christmas music as i can
05. skipping out on Christmas cards- maybe Happy New Year cards or Valentines Day cards instead?
06. preparing the nursery for Little Miss (my friend L called her that and I love the title)
07. in love with MAC blush in Fleur Power- a bright pink coral
08. planning on organizing all of ry's mission photos sometime this month
09. love this video
10. sleep is getting more difficult
11. craving chocolate chip cookies, green apples and peanut butter
12. loving no snow yet
13. an early Christmas gift from my Aunt; pretty awesome
14. our family gift to each other? a sonicare toothbrush! we are nerds- we know
15. need to reorganize my craft space- its a mess!

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