Thursday, December 15, 2011

hello again

where have i been? dealing with a lot of family things/house things/ preggy things- blogging was definitely put on the back burner. thanks for being patient with me.

the good news? my house is all done with Christmas decor (for this year at least) and my morning sickness has improved dramatically. still tired and thirsty but its much better than feeling nauseous 24/7.

lately, ive been eyeing all the amazing Christmas projects and crafts but i haven't found time/budget to do them!

here some things i am currently working on:
01. growing a baby inside me
02. shopping for a comfy and cute couch for our den
03. also shopping for a entertainment center for the den
04. laundry- lots of it
05. cleaning out my recipe book
06. painting a light fixture (tough when the weather outside is frightful)
07. trying to acquire a music box that plays Christmas music for under the tree
08. trying to get the Christmas gifts made (mini pumpkin loafs wrapped up in cello and twine)
09. baby room decor- im thinking all shades of pastels...
10. giving up on sending out Christmas cards- next year!
11. picking out bathroom tile
12. searching for a thin computer desk for ry- no luck so far
13. eating chocolate covered popcorn- YUM (sweet tooth is back!)
15. burning candles- tis the season

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