Thursday, February 16, 2012

32 weeks and the window nook

 belly and baby's first photo
i love this photo!

like the curtains? i love em- casual but chic 

baby is the size of a jicama- big!

all photos by M of lemonpeel studios

there is a little nook on the top floor of our house that i really adore- its not really useful but it really is cute. im trying to think of ways to use the space more effectively, but i really love the clean lines and simplicity as just a quaint sitting area. i can imagine little miss sitting there reading one day. 

belly is getting bigger as you can see. not so scared about baby coming- just scared about when! 


  1. and seriously I think I need to go to your friend for some family pictures. Her photography is beautiful!

  2. Woops. My first comment didn't go through! It said you look STUNNING!! Such an exciting time!!

  3. Chlo, ur just so beautiful, and you make pregnancy look glamorous and fashionable :))

  4. Every single thing about these pictures is so beautiful!


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