Saturday, February 11, 2012

mean grandma

*Had to blog about this today- just funny*

Attended a good friend's baby shower this morning:

I spent a lot of effort wrapping her gift the night before only to have a grandma point at my tummy and say:

G: "Is this your first baby?"
Me: "Yes I'm so excited!"
G: "Well once it comes you won't have time to do any of that anymore..." (points to my nicely wrapped gift)
Me: "Good thing I'm enjoying my time now huh?"

*All this happening as my friend is unwrapping her gift in front of everyone- good timing grandma!

I just want to know- what gives!? Maybe granny you are just jealous and wish you knew how to wrap a gift cute like that. Almost wanted to say- "Granny you must still have kids at home because your gift looks like it took 2 seconds to wrap."


Sorry I'm having a negative pregnant lady moment- I'm sure you (or maybe later) can relate. But I do think its funny- I love it when other people tell me how my life will be after baby.

Only God knows people! I have no idea and neither does anyone else. The only thing I do know is that it will be different, but I believe that to be a good thing.

Hope you have a great weekend- we are putting up the curtains in baby's room and I pray they will look nice...


  1. lol. haha, that made me laugh :) don't worry, you're going to have plenty of time to do fun things're not having twins after all. :)

  2. Chlo, it's so nice to read your blog and see you blogging. Didn't know knew post was up until my mom laughing and telling me about this post. Oh Chlo you're one of the greatest multi tasker I know, and you do things very nicely. I'm pretty sure miss granny was jealous of your fabulous wrapping. In the end it's all up to us how we choose to do our lifely routine and time management too :)


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