Friday, March 16, 2012

baby showers

man i feel so blessed to have such thoughtful friends!

the second week of march my friends M & M threw me another shower. apricot, pink and tans filled the palette. very pretty! 

oh and one M is a crazy talented photographer and the other M is a crazy talented chef/baker extraordinaire (lucky me!) 


a lovely collage of all the photos M has taken so far

an adorable memento from the shower
each guest stamped their thumb on top of each line to make a balloon and signed their name next to it
going in my scrapbook!

oatmeal cookie sandwiches as take away favors

yogurt parfaits with apricot
kettle chips and sandwiches with bacon in it...need i say more?

so gorgeous 
i love the crown and pearls

salted caramel apple cake completely homemade

thank you again to M & M for an amazing shower
i. loved. every. detail. 
and you guys of course too ;) 

*my friends K & A threw me an earlier baby shower- will post pics once I get em
it was a bright pink celebration- so fabulous
can't wait to show ya!

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